With our Referral Program, you can gain a Voucher Gift (3,60€) that you can use on all the website. 


How can I use it ? 

The referral program is very simple to use. Just add the name and email address of the relative you wish to add to the referral program. As soon as one of them made an order on our website, you and the relative gain a Voucher Gift that you can use on your next order. 

The referral program is activated whenever one of your relative place their first order online.


Where can I find the Referral Program ? 

Connect to your customer account using your email address and password. Once you are connected, access via "Account" and "Referral program" or click here

What are the conditions ?

If you want to use the Referral program, you must have an account on Les Comtes de Provence website and must have place a least 1 order online. 

The relatives you want to add to the Referral Program must not already have an account on our website. 

When will I received my voucher gift ?

Your voucher gift will be available as soon as your relative place his first order online. 

Is the Referral Program available with other promotion and discount ? 

Yes, the Referral Program can be use with any promotion and discount and so the voucher gift is.